28 December 2015


BRIEF: Arrange an analitical or abstract composition by using hand made or photographic textures and patterns.

I inspired many works and artists while doing this work. I was inspired by the film about William Turner's life as an Oscar nominee in 2015, which I could not forget and had in my memory. In the film, the works of the British artist were included, and the pictures of the stormy sea energy, made with very little color, affected me.In addition, the martels in the work "Turning the Fish in the Sea", the first oil painting work of Turner in 1796, caused me to relate these works.

I have also used works made with white tones at the Zero exhibition at Sakıp Sabancı Museum. I created different surfaces by combining different shades of white with texture. I also got inspiration from powerful works made with textured surfaces in the retrospective exhibition of Mehmet Güleryüz in Istanbul Modern in summer. I used materials such as supermarket and sack cloth on the strafor surface. I prepared the gypsum mixture and drove it to the surface that I created, making the spikes with different thicknesses. I tried to get different shades of white with antique paint. I finished my work by spraying the last spray with colorless paint.