24 October 2016

BRIEF: It is expected that you will be able to reflect a formation, work, place or event with a cultural, social, economic context in the project with a series of photographs that you have created your own visual language. In general, it can be a place where a specific job is performed, a specific occupation or process, a culture/subculture element (graffiti, skate, music or the like) with its own visual codes.


In your project;


- You have made a personal choice,

- Pay attention to the standards of composition, photographic technique and technology,

- Expect you to produce with your preferences you can not explain your production.

In this series of photographs, I chose to photograph the place and the work that a sculptor did in accordance with the subject.If you are going to ask why it is a sculptor, I can say that the unknown side of the profession is to transmit it visually.I have photographed what I observe while doing the artist work and I have taken photographs of the materials, tools and fields of use used in the profession. When i'm taking the photographs, I was aiming to reveal the creative sides of the sculptural profession that was not heard much. As a result I have explained the relationship between the resultant product, space and artist trio.

Attention! Since the image is big, it can not be optimized on the phone .. Do not look at these images on the phone ..