20 October 2015 


BRIEF: Freeze the action. Take at least one photo with a very short shutter speed to capture your subject during a split second in time. 


I made this photograph with Canon EOS 700 D on October 20, 2015 for VCD 145 Class "Action" homework.  I selected this photo with ISO setting 200, horizontal / vertical resolution 300 DPI, 135 mm lens, exposure time 1/500 second, aperture range 9, and size 5184x3456 millimeters. The reason I chose this photo in the portfolio presentation is that I have caught the moment of opening the mouth and removing the tongue after observing the martial for 45 minutes. The assignment is related to the general theme of movement, and the other topic that this homework contains is "freeze image".



In accordance with the title of this subject, I used this photo in my paper. Why do I use martial arts as a moving object in my 'Action' homework? The greatest grace that can be observed in Istanbul is the observation. Go wherever you are in the world You can not see the same kind of mart in Istanbul anywhere else. Also, the ability to remember is surprisingly high in March. They do not just remember the exact locations of summer and winter homes in different continents, but they also remember the exact location of many objects they have stored for winter use and where special plants they have previously had nectar. In order to survive the cold and heavy winter conditions, some species of birds pour thousands of seeds into different places during the autumn and remember almost all of them months after winter. Undoubtedly, it is a great miracle that a mart will have "memory" and "learning" ability.